Other Desert Cities

Human Race Theatre Company
Written By:
Margarett Perry
Music Director:
Written & Performed by:
Scenic Designer:
Tamara L. Honesty
Costume Designer:
Janet Powell
Lighting Designer
John Rensel
Projections Designer:
Sound Designer:
Nathan D. Dean
Technical Director:
Scott J. Kimmins
Props Coordinator
Heather Powell
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Design Process

The discussion of the set for Other Desert Cities began with Margarett Perry's comment on the Wyeth family, "this family is stain-free" To create this stain-free environment, the Palm Springs mid-century modern house needed to be pristine and perfect. The Wyeth family has lived in the proverbially glass house while they have maintained their Hollywood silver screen elite status. Polly and Lyman Wyeth project a rock solid appearance to the world.

The set reflects the Wyeth family by juxtaposing the large windows that look out to desert life with ledgestone walls. The interior of the house is perfect with white carpeting and carefully chosen decorations to create the sterile environment

TamARA L. Honesty
Scenic Designer
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When you hire Tammy Honesty you get a generous collaborator and an innovative designer/educator.  Through active listening, conversation, and research, she creates a vision for the production that fulfills or exceeds the director’s expectations. She understands deadlines, understands budgets, and understands working as a member of a team. Tammy brings a positive energy to every production meeting and technical rehearsal. She is not easily flustered and open to change. Tammy is always the consummate professional.